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What is 12-26-75?

Was Donna Richmond's murder the end of a string of burglaries and homicides in small-town California? Was the wrong person convicted? This podcast provides new information and insight into Donna's case. We also detail a string of ransacking burglaries, the murder of another young teen, and the shooting of a father protecting his daughter as she was being kidnapped. The police came close to catching the Visalia Ransacker, but he shot his way out. Joseph James Deangelo has been identified and charged as the Visalia Ransacker and East Area Rapist. Did he change jurisdiction to avoid detection? The East Area Rapist - Original Night Stalker (EAR-ONS) / Golden State Killer was the Visalia Ransacker as well. Stay with us through the last episode to tie it all together.

True Crime Podcasts 

Exeter Homicides

Donna Jo Richmond and Jennifer Lynn Armour

Visaila Ransacker

The Visalia Ransacker struck from April 1974 through December 1975.

McGowen and Snelling

Det. William McGowen, Claude Snelling, and Beth Snelling.

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