Back to the Beginning - Visalia Ransacker / EARONS / Golden State Killer

Visalia Ransacker, Part One

The Visalia Ransacker (VR) in 1974 and Jennifer Armour

Podcast Episode 8

Interactive 12-26-75 Map

Visalia Ransacker, Part Two

The Visalia Ransacker (VR) in 1975 and the murder of Claude Snelling

Podcast Episode 9

Interactive 12-26-75 Map

Visalia Ransacker, Part Three

Investigation of Snelling murder & final ransackings

Podcast Episode 10

Interactive 12-26-75 Map

McGowen Shooting

The Det. McGowen shooting and suspect description

Podcast Episode 11

Interactive 12-26-75 Map

Donna, Jennifer, & The VR

Tying together the Tulare cases

Podcast Episode 12

Interactive 12-26-75 Map


How did VPD connect the VR to the EAR, and what is the evidence that supports this conclusion?

Podcast Episode 13

Interactive 12-26-75 Map

Joseph James Deangelo has been identified and charged as the Visalia Ransacker and East Area Rapist. The VR committed the murder of Claude Snelling and shooting of Det. McGowen. Is he also responsible for the murders of Jennifer Armour and Donna Richmond? What is the proof that the VR became the East Area Rapist / Original Night Stalker / Golden State Killer?

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