What is 12-26-75?

December 26, 1975 was the last day that Donna Richmond was alive, and the last day of freedom for Oscar Clifton. Two tragedies occurred that day, and the real killer eluded justice.  That murder was also the end of a string of burglaries and homicides in a Central Valley community, and the same unique MO appeared in the Sacramento area soon afterward. This podcast is devoted to exposing the truth of the Richmond & Armour homicides, the connection between the Visalia Ransacker and the East Area Rapist (also Original Night Stalker & "Golden State Killer"). The photos, maps, podcast audio, and original investigative reports provides new information and insight into the connections. We also detail the connections with GSK suspect Joe DeAngelo, who served as a patrolman and Sergeant with the Exeter Police Department and Multi-Jurisdictional "Joint Attack On Burglary." We also explore "possible" cases in Central California that fit the MO and other evidence of this offender. Stay with us as we work to tie it all together. Thanks for listening.

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