Sgt. Joseph DeAngelo, Exeter PD

The story of Joseph DeAngelo's years in the Exeter PD. Not only did Joe Deangelo serve in the Navy for 22 months (Vietnam), but he had an advanced police science degree from Sierra College.

Joseph James Deangelo has been identified and charged as the Visalia Ransacker and East Area Rapist. Did Jennifer Armour and Donna Richmond get in a car with someone with a badge who told them they were in trouble? Was the Visalia Ransacker playing an elaborate game with a rival police force? Did the rash of burglaries in Exeter create a promotion for a new burglary investigator? Did the killer of Claude Snelling and the attempted murderer of Agent McGowen join the manhunt for the VR? Could the Golden State Killer have been caught in Exeter in 1975?